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Pic spam time!!!!!

I love this room. I love the use of modern "lowbrow" art with midcentury lines & colors.

Seriously love it.

I love the all the colors going on in this room. This is one of the pictures that inspired me to paint our office a minty green with white accents. We're working on shelving and lighting right now....

Bostons + Strawberries = cute

Bostons + Farting = Bad.

More shelving inspiration. This actually looks like an Ikea store. Need white shelves & accessories STAT.

Aaron and I are thinking of painting our room this color. Like I said, the Polygamy Blue needs to go. I love this color palette!

YOKAI!!!!!! Obviously if you've read anything in here or know me, you know I love japanese culture. I love "Yokai" or basically, japanese folk monsters. I wish I could have the book these were printed in or prints of these illustrating their anatomy.

I didn't post pics of my FAVORITE maiko's erikae!!! Mamechiho turned her collar. This is her sporting the Sakko hairstyle. She looks so serious!

Here she is the day of her Erikae with her new katsura (wig). I hope she lasts. It seems all my favorite maiko that have become geiko quit within a year. I love Mamechiho and her insanely happy face.

Love you, Mary Blair. I asked for the book, "The Art & Flair of Mary Blair" for Christmas and my Mom got it for me. My mom is awesome! This is from one of the many Little Golden Books Mary Blair illustrated.

Same as above. I know I read the book this illustration is in several times as a kid. BUNNY BONNETS!!

This bathroom is awesome. I love the flat color palette with the birch wood.

Same bathroom. I like how they let the cabinets do the talking instead of the walls.

Super-duper cute midcentry living room. I believe this is actually a studio apartment?

More office inspiration.

 More bedroom wall color inspiration. We have several colors we like but are having a time deciding. We have a while to choose since we have a lot of prepwork to do. The paint by one of our bedroom windows was cracking severely. I pushed my index finder on it and it started crumbling off. I started chipping at it and it ended up being about 3 square feet of loose paint. The paint chips are thick and go down to the plaster. Decades of bad color choices....So, I need to seal the side of the window where the moisture is getting in with vinyl based calking and then put on this patch stuff before I can even paint. Fun.

I know it's past the holidays but GOD! I love this. Obviously, I love colorful, midcentury stuff. Part of me wants to ask my mom if she has any damaged vintage ornaments so I can do something like this for next year. I typically do not decorate for christmas, but stuff like this makes me want to!

I love this kitchen.

AYANO IS SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And finally - I recently became reacquainted with this awesome photo. About 2 years ago, I went to Valley Fair (local theme park) with a few people. Ben (right) was one of Aaron's old roomates. This was taken a few days before he left to go to Japan for the JET program. This is my all-time favorite roller coaster photo. We spent the whole day trying to outdo each other, but Ben obviously won. He scanned this and put it on his facebook. Since I have better things to do and don't have facebook, Aaron sent this to me. During business hours. Needless to say, I made a scene.

Okay, I'm done!!!!!
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