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I'm sure many of you are familiar with the mysterious (yet exciting!) Legends of Ska trailers that have made the rounds on the internet since 2002. Many often wondered if the movie would ever come out and be available for release.

Now is the time!!!! Brad Klein (aka General Moses) has launched a kickstarter campaign to get this movie finished, released, and pressed on a dvd. He needs your help to get this nearly decade old project done for your enjoyment!

Think of this like pre-ordering the dvd - with the current amount that has been contributed, 1654 people would need to "pre-order" the dvd to get it pressed. Are you very passionate about ska? Contribute more! Look at what else you could get for supporting this project:

Pledge $1 or more

$1 will give you POSITIVE VIBRATIONS and film updates.

Pledge $10 or more

POSITIVE VIBRATIONS and a digital download of a song from the Legends of Ska soundtrack and behind-the-scenes footage.

Pledge $25 or more

All the above AND a Legends of Ska DVD once the film is released, plus a b/w oval SKA sticker.

Pledge $50 or more

All the above AND a Legends of Ska concert poster from the 2002 event, plus a "special thanks" credit in the film.

Pledge $100 or more

All the above AND a copy of the official Legends of Ska soundtrack (LP, CD or digital version), an 8" x 10" b/w print from the Legends of Ska concert weekend, plus a genuinely enthusiastic "Thank You!" phone call from the filmmaker.

Pledge $250 or more

All the above AND a sincerely appreciative "Thank You!" phone call from one of the actual musicians from the Legends of Ska All-Star Skatalite Orchestra.

Pledge $500 or more

All the above AND have one of the Legends of Ska artists make you a personalized message for your mobile phone or answering machine.

Pledge $1,000 or more

All the above AND an Associate Producer film credit to go with a hug & a hardy handshake.

Pledge $5,000 or more

All the above AND have dinner with at least one of the singers or musicians from the film, the filmmaker and an invitation to a film editing session.

Pledge $10,000 or more

All the above AND drumroll please...... travel to Kingston, Jamaica in early summer 2011. You get down there and I'll cover the rest. We will tour "Beat Street" and visit original Sound System Dancehall sites while lodging at the low key Prestige Hotel. You will meet Ska legends Derrick Morgan, Stranger Cole and King Stitt as well as spend a night out in the country at the home of the great balladeer, Lord Creator. Cap off the week by chilling out in Negril for a couple days before returning to your home a changed person.

Please take a look at the new trailer,  contribute to this project, and be a part of getting this project completed!

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It's already live - but check it out! I've worked my butt off on this too....


it'd be nice to get a little more thanks on this, though....can't win 'em all. at least it's been good experience.

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I've decided not to attend the summer quarter.

Like I stated before, I need to find my focus again. I need to focus on my health & well-being.

I'm putting together a full-on action plan. I think it'll be successful. Cooking, eating mindfully, working out 3 times a week, and I'm getting an additional boost from some supplements. Nothing unsafe, but they're already helping...by about 2 pounds. yay.

Aromaleigh is closing it's doors. This makes me so, so, incredibly sad. Knowing how everything went down and all that was involved made it worse. There are some really awful people in this world.....I need to write up a big thank you to Kristin for all the happiness, giddiness, and confidence she has given me via her wonderful products. Aromaleigh will be missed sorely...

I've been working my ass off at work, but thankfully it has been recognized. I've gotten several thank-yous this week for helping support the undergrad queue, for providing tools & affirmation for our PhD of Business Admin learners (a seriously cool group of people & advisors!!) It's hard work, but overall very rewarding knowing that I'm helping people make serious changes in their lives.

On the backend, I've been trying to provide "upgrades" to my team. Just trying to streamline things, make processes faster, and centralize our work. So far, so good. We're starting a new process I proposed on Tuesday, so hopefully that goes well and doesn't crash and burn. It'll create a little bit more work for me since I have to assign all the work to the three other folks on my team....but it'll save headaches...

anyway, enough about work.

I feel a lot of good things are on the horizon. I'm looking forward to getting healthy again. I'm looking forward to learning how to cast resin. I'm looking forward to helping more people. AND I'M SO LOOKING FORWARD TO MORE "YOU'RE CUT OFF" AND NEW EPISODES OF MAD MEN.

I need to post photos of my garden. i've already been harvesting n shit! Imagine that!!

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Although I rarely update on here, I still log onto LJ and read everything. I'm a big fan of the communities and the stuff you guys post :)

Anyway, I had my wisdom teeth removed on April 29th. There were some complications with the recovery and I ended up getting a really bad dry socket. Here I am 12 days post-surgery - still in pain, still with a pack in the wound, and coming down with something totally unrelated. Seriously....I've never used this abbreviation, but I feel it's appropriate....FML! I have not left the house for 12 days aside from two attempts to go to work (which I failed miserably at) and then a few visits to the oral surgeon.

None of this is the oral surgeon's fault. The place I went to is wonderful, and the team is totally professional, prompt, and caring. This is all my body's fault.

I can honestly say this is the worst pain I've ever been in - having an exposed jaw bone is terrible.

So, that's what I've done the last (nearly) two weeks. I haven't done anything fun. Haven't really gotten any projects done. Just bed, couch, bed, couch, bed, couch.

I bought some plants the weekend before my surgery and still haven't been able to plant them. I wanted to build a raised bed, but that's been foiled so far, so my poor plants have suffered.

Yuck. I just want to get back to normal, go to work, and work on my house.

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I guess it's been a pretty good day!

* First off, I got a promotion at work today! My new title will be "Advising Engagement Specialist". Yeah. I know. Fancy. This comes with about a 20% salary increase. Basically, what I'll be doing starting in April is working on specialized call campaigns...Things like calling people who are at risk of failing, calling people who are about to start their first course and set up an advising appointment for them, and other specialized campaigns where business needs are. Occasionally, I'll be hopping on the undergrad and masters in human services advising queues if they need help. Aside from calling, I'll also be doing some projects. Should be fun. There are only four people on the team total, so it's very much at-your-own-pace.

* I've been trying to commit to going to the gym. I'm at the start of building good habits. I'm trying to find a good doctor in the MPLS area who will support me and monitor me through the process, but dear LORD is it hard. I wish I had my doctor from AZ. I saw a doctor last week and she was just flat out terrible and didn't look me in the eye once. All she told me was to "work out and reduce my caloric intake". No shit, Sherlock. How long did you go to school to tell me that? She then recommended using Alli with my workout plan. NOTHX, DON'T NEED TO BE A FATTIE WHO POOPS HER PANTS. BAIII! I bought a "motivational dress" last week. It's hanging in plain view in my bedroom. It's actually working quite well. It's very Joan Halloway.

* I am taking spring quarter off school to focus on myself, my stability, and my well being. Since I moved here a year ago, life has been incredibly hectic and off balance. I am going to focus on ME for a while and it's going to be nice. I'll start school again in early July. So between Friday (my last day) and then, I'd like to:
-start going to the gym at LEAST twice a week
-Take Bella on as many walks as possible
-COOK! Cook a lot! Cook healthy food!
-Be outside as much as possible!!!!
-Get several house projects done (this is a list in itself)
-PORCH WARMING PARTY (BTW, our housewarming part was two weeks ago. it ended up being kind of crazy..........)
-Edit and redo my wardrobe
-Start doing my hair again (I just got a nice set of hot rollers in the mail today!)
-READ FOR LEISURE. I haven't read a book for leisure since I moved from Arizona.
-Clean up itunes and reload my ipod
-Cancel cable and get dish network because I freaking hate comcast after all the terrible service I've received...
-pre-register for courses for at least a year out
-Make The Prizefighters a website

So yes - although I will be "off", I'll still have a lot going on. Also, it would be really hard to do school & work full time while training for a new position....

*Aside from those projects that I'll be doing, I'll be really, really focusing on my long-term health. I've been suffering from a lot of stress-related ailments, aches, pains, and long-term owies. I am getting my wisdom teeth out some time in April. My appointment to choose my anesthesia and billing is on March 31st. I will have a routine cleaning in early May, and I would like to (if possible) get the ball rolling for invisalign. My wisdom teeth have crowded my teeth so much...it's terrible. Like on the "dennal plan" episode of the simpsons:

Okay, not really, but I do need braces!

* Another thing I need to do is get Bella spayed. Yes, she is not spayed. Why? My former vet said she wouldn't spay her because she was so small for a Boston...and she's remained very small. Over the winter, I actually started giving her pretty rich food and she's filled out a lot. In a good way! When I brought her to MN, she was about 12 lbs and very finicky with food. After experimenting and finding a good, healthy food for her to bulk up on, she's about 20lbs - where she should be. I've been talking with an AWESOME vet in the Nokomis area, so that's where I'll probably take her.

* A weird project I want to do: Make my own personal cook book. I've been working on it here and there...but basically compiling my favorite recipes with pictures of the dishes. I have SO MANY withered, torn, stained, gross pieces of paper and index cards with recipes that are barely readable. I'm formatting all of this in word and then I'll eventually make them PDFs, upload them to one of those book sites and have my own cook book!

* I've been thinking about making a Get Up Edina! facebook page with random links to things that would be in the vein of the site. Thoughts?

Love these girls:

And again, please donate to the medical fund of Ozzie the boston terrier who was attacked last month. Even $5 will help. Seriously, do you need that crazy coffee drink with 50 grams of fat tomorrow morning? Didn't think so!
Let me tell you, Karma is an amazing thing.

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Poor little Ozzie the Boston terrier was viciously attacked by a Pitbull being walked past his yard on February 25th. Although the attack lasted 3 minutes, the damage is extensive. Ozzie has had to go through several surgeries, and Ozzie's owner Paige needs assistance paying for his medical bills.

The local news covered the story here:

Paige has created a facebook page to help spread awareness of Ozzie's needs:

I'm sure any dog owner would be devastated if this were to happen to their beloved pup...Please donate if you can. After seeing the photos of Ozzie's injuries, I couldn't NOT do anything. I have donated and I'm hoping to donate more since I can't even fathom how much this is costing Paige (monetarily, physically, and emotionally).

Again, PLEASE donate if you can and spread this on to other people to help. What goes around comes around!! Here's the chipin page where you can securely
donate via paypal:

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YAY! Posting from my new laptop!!!!!!!!! Here's an updated of list of whats going on:

     Create storage for office ** in the works....Plaster is hard to work with!)
     Buy comfy chair for office
     Buy rug for office

    Re-organize kitchen cabinet
    Put up magnetic knife holder

    Paint bedroom (Thinking "Acapulco Cliffs")
   **new** Fix peeling paint (moisture has gotten in through window frame and caused paint to peel)
    Reorganize bedroom
    buy new linens (Thinking this Thomas O'Brien Quilt)
    buy new rugs (thinking of CB2's Cirrus)
    buy new curtains

    Upholster bench (Thinking Michael Miller's "Heuvos" in Gray)
    Iron curtains
   ** Finish houndstooth pattern on bathroom door**** WAITING FOR ARRIVAL OF DECALS
    Make new crate for Bella (Inspiration HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!)
    ** new** Create new side table in living room to match bella's crate.
    Create garden in basement
    Buy carpet for rehearsal space in basement
    Make kitty scratch post (in the works)
    Make entry way table
    Fix electricity problem in basement
    Find new light for dining room

So, after reviewing my list, it appears we're making progress. That makes me happy. We've been working our butts off. However, it seems as soon as I cross one thing off, another pops up. I'll be happy to have the office *completely* functional. That will make the rest of the things on the list seem almost leisurely.

Things have been okay. It's been hard to sleep. I've discovered that the boxspring to my bed is broken, therefore creating a dip in the mattress and causing terrible sleep. We're going to put the mattress on the floor for the time being. I did not sleep AT ALL last night.

School is okay. I'm sad cause I got an 81% on my assignment last week. I'm striving for 100%s every week. Still, a B.....but it was due to the fact that I did all my responses (rebuttals) in one day than over a few. That's the only reason why! So, I need to keep discussions going to get a 100%...I'm working on my research paper for the next month. The month after that will basically be a team project which I am SO not looking forward to. I don't really work well with others since I have such high standards...Anyway.....

I can't wait til spring/summer. i'm sick of two feet of snow in my yard at all times. I'm sick of the high gas bill. I'm sad for my dog since she can't run around. I told Aaron tonight the official drink of the summer will be MaiTais. Just you wait. It's going to rule so hard. There's a kiddy pool in our garage that we're going to bring down for Bella and possibly Marley (he loves water). I can't wait to come home from work and chill out outside and grill stuff!!! I have officially stopped taking weather for granted..........Secret: I wear long underwear every day. I have to walk about a quarter mile from my car to our building each way everyday. it gets super cold and windy. Plus, i'm on the 11th floor, so it gets super cold!

I've been super conflicted about my gym membership. I joined Curves in November. Some days when I go, it just seems like a "Cathy" comic strip. "MEN!!!!!!!" "CHILDREN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" "ACK!!!!!". Yeah, cool. Shut up. I just want to work out. Plus, I've been getting guff for wanting to shut off my curvesmart chip. It drags me down and costs me an extra $10 a month. I think I just need to find the right days to go on since some ladies who go there are SUPER annoying. Come spring, I'm going to go to the one in the skyway and then take the light rail home. I need to get rid of this midwest weight gain.

That's about it for now. I'll update soon....hopefully with pictures!


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I started my first college course on monday. So far, so good. I'm ahead of the game. Yay! I think my self-discipline and organization skills will get me through this quite easily. OH, and I got a new laptop. It's supposed to be delivered today!

We finished painting the office and it looks AMAZING. It was so much work since previous paint jobs were crap and it took a ton of prep & scraping, but it is AMAZING!!!!!!! It was like a dusty eggplant purple (terrible. not my taste) with outdated dingy off white (more like yellow) trim. It made the room look so small. We chose a 50's aqua mint and painted the trim pure white. Totally new room. All the details will be white, black, or red. It's a really versatile color.

I still haven't taken photos of my new house, but that's mainly due to the fact that we've been so busy doing improvements. I've never put so much blood, sweat, and tears into a property. It's REALLY starting to show, though. I'm kicking myself for not taking before pictures because it's so drastically different. I'm really starting to love the house.

This weekend we're going shopping for more stuff to organize & arrange the office. Once the office is done & functional, we are moving onto the bedroom and the basement.

Bedroom needs to be rearranged badly. I'd like to paint it, too...it's this terrible shade of blue that I call "polygamy blue". Like this lady on the left:


Since I feel like typing up my home improvements...here's my list....seriously...

     Create storage for office
     Buy comfy chair for office
     Buy rug for office

    Re-organize kitchen cabinet
    Put up magnetic knife holder
    Possibly create magnetic splash for spices, utensils, etc
    (our kitchen is small!)

    Paint bedroom
    Reorganize bedroom
    buy new linens
    buy new rug
    buy new curtains

    Upholster bench
    Iron thermal curtains
    Finish houndstooth pattern on bathroom door
    Make new crate for Bella (SO looking forward to this!!!!)
    Create garden in basement (in the works)
    Buy carpet for rehearsal space in basement
    Make kitty scratch post (in the works)
    Make entry way table
    Mop Basement
    Fix electricity problem in basement
    Find new light for dining room (requires approval from Landlord, probably won't happen for a while. We have an art deco chandelier in our     dining room that is super long and doesn't create a good atmosphere)

Okay, so that's what i've been up to and will be up to. School, go to the gym, cook, making kombucha, playing with animals, house stuff.