Joanna (miss_upsetter) wrote,

I've decided not to attend the summer quarter.

Like I stated before, I need to find my focus again. I need to focus on my health & well-being.

I'm putting together a full-on action plan. I think it'll be successful. Cooking, eating mindfully, working out 3 times a week, and I'm getting an additional boost from some supplements. Nothing unsafe, but they're already about 2 pounds. yay.

Aromaleigh is closing it's doors. This makes me so, so, incredibly sad. Knowing how everything went down and all that was involved made it worse. There are some really awful people in this world.....I need to write up a big thank you to Kristin for all the happiness, giddiness, and confidence she has given me via her wonderful products. Aromaleigh will be missed sorely...

I've been working my ass off at work, but thankfully it has been recognized. I've gotten several thank-yous this week for helping support the undergrad queue, for providing tools & affirmation for our PhD of Business Admin learners (a seriously cool group of people & advisors!!) It's hard work, but overall very rewarding knowing that I'm helping people make serious changes in their lives.

On the backend, I've been trying to provide "upgrades" to my team. Just trying to streamline things, make processes faster, and centralize our work. So far, so good. We're starting a new process I proposed on Tuesday, so hopefully that goes well and doesn't crash and burn. It'll create a little bit more work for me since I have to assign all the work to the three other folks on my team....but it'll save headaches...

anyway, enough about work.

I feel a lot of good things are on the horizon. I'm looking forward to getting healthy again. I'm looking forward to learning how to cast resin. I'm looking forward to helping more people. AND I'M SO LOOKING FORWARD TO MORE "YOU'RE CUT OFF" AND NEW EPISODES OF MAD MEN.

I need to post photos of my garden. i've already been harvesting n shit! Imagine that!!
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Omgz I've been curious about resin for at least a few years, but living in apartments has made it impossible to do it. You should teach me. I've been hoarding jameson labels and i've always wanted to set them in a thin mould w resin to make coasters.
once I get stuff all gathered and know what I'm doing, I'll definitely invite you over and we can have an old lady crafting day! my mom got me a book for christmas about casting resin that is amazing, I just haven't had the time to do it!

Suppliments sound interesting, I think/hope :) go you :D

I was incredibly sad about aromaleigh as well, dammit why when I find a good mmu company does it all go tits up?
i'm taking lipoxathin, and so far so good. I'll update with my progress :)