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I guess it's been a pretty good day!

* First off, I got a promotion at work today! My new title will be "Advising Engagement Specialist". Yeah. I know. Fancy. This comes with about a 20% salary increase. Basically, what I'll be doing starting in April is working on specialized call campaigns...Things like calling people who are at risk of failing, calling people who are about to start their first course and set up an advising appointment for them, and other specialized campaigns where business needs are. Occasionally, I'll be hopping on the undergrad and masters in human services advising queues if they need help. Aside from calling, I'll also be doing some projects. Should be fun. There are only four people on the team total, so it's very much at-your-own-pace.

* I've been trying to commit to going to the gym. I'm at the start of building good habits. I'm trying to find a good doctor in the MPLS area who will support me and monitor me through the process, but dear LORD is it hard. I wish I had my doctor from AZ. I saw a doctor last week and she was just flat out terrible and didn't look me in the eye once. All she told me was to "work out and reduce my caloric intake". No shit, Sherlock. How long did you go to school to tell me that? She then recommended using Alli with my workout plan. NOTHX, DON'T NEED TO BE A FATTIE WHO POOPS HER PANTS. BAIII! I bought a "motivational dress" last week. It's hanging in plain view in my bedroom. It's actually working quite well. It's very Joan Halloway.

* I am taking spring quarter off school to focus on myself, my stability, and my well being. Since I moved here a year ago, life has been incredibly hectic and off balance. I am going to focus on ME for a while and it's going to be nice. I'll start school again in early July. So between Friday (my last day) and then, I'd like to:
-start going to the gym at LEAST twice a week
-Take Bella on as many walks as possible
-COOK! Cook a lot! Cook healthy food!
-Be outside as much as possible!!!!
-Get several house projects done (this is a list in itself)
-PORCH WARMING PARTY (BTW, our housewarming part was two weeks ago. it ended up being kind of crazy..........)
-Edit and redo my wardrobe
-Start doing my hair again (I just got a nice set of hot rollers in the mail today!)
-READ FOR LEISURE. I haven't read a book for leisure since I moved from Arizona.
-Clean up itunes and reload my ipod
-Cancel cable and get dish network because I freaking hate comcast after all the terrible service I've received...
-pre-register for courses for at least a year out
-Make The Prizefighters a website

So yes - although I will be "off", I'll still have a lot going on. Also, it would be really hard to do school & work full time while training for a new position....

*Aside from those projects that I'll be doing, I'll be really, really focusing on my long-term health. I've been suffering from a lot of stress-related ailments, aches, pains, and long-term owies. I am getting my wisdom teeth out some time in April. My appointment to choose my anesthesia and billing is on March 31st. I will have a routine cleaning in early May, and I would like to (if possible) get the ball rolling for invisalign. My wisdom teeth have crowded my teeth so's terrible. Like on the "dennal plan" episode of the simpsons:

Okay, not really, but I do need braces!

* Another thing I need to do is get Bella spayed. Yes, she is not spayed. Why? My former vet said she wouldn't spay her because she was so small for a Boston...and she's remained very small. Over the winter, I actually started giving her pretty rich food and she's filled out a lot. In a good way! When I brought her to MN, she was about 12 lbs and very finicky with food. After experimenting and finding a good, healthy food for her to bulk up on, she's about 20lbs - where she should be. I've been talking with an AWESOME vet in the Nokomis area, so that's where I'll probably take her.

* A weird project I want to do: Make my own personal cook book. I've been working on it here and there...but basically compiling my favorite recipes with pictures of the dishes. I have SO MANY withered, torn, stained, gross pieces of paper and index cards with recipes that are barely readable. I'm formatting all of this in word and then I'll eventually make them PDFs, upload them to one of those book sites and have my own cook book!

* I've been thinking about making a Get Up Edina! facebook page with random links to things that would be in the vein of the site. Thoughts?

Love these girls:

And again, please donate to the medical fund of Ozzie the boston terrier who was attacked last month. Even $5 will help. Seriously, do you need that crazy coffee drink with 50 grams of fat tomorrow morning? Didn't think so!
Let me tell you, Karma is an amazing thing.
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