Joanna (miss_upsetter) wrote,

I'm finally comfortable posting a few pictures of our house. It's so far from being what I want it to be, but it's coming along....

This is a view from our dining room toward the bathroom door and little hall. Our bathroom is quite small and has a sliding pocket door. It was plain white and boring, so I got some vinyl wall stickers for it. They somehow shorted me, so that's why the bottom row isn't done. They're on their way now.

Here's an obscure shot of our living room...curtains on front window and our amazing floor lamp.

Shot of some Kombucha that's ready after a month of brewing. Obviously in our kitchen.

We painted the office a 50s mint green and repainted the trim a bright, glossy white.

A little less obscure, but bella and marley playing in the office.

Marley did not like me putting red dot stickers on him.

See that terrible green? Yeah...that was our first attempt. Not only did the paint color not match the chip, the paint itself was terrible. DEAR EVERYONE, NEVER BUY DUTCH BOY PAINT. IT'S TERRIBLE.

Back entryway/stairs down to the basement. Scooter helmets and teenage posters....

Corner of our basement with Aaron's music stuff. Still not finished, but we got carpet and some foam tiling down.

And finally....the clown. I found this atrocity at a thrift store when I was like 15 and it's followed me everywhere since. Everyone hates it. I adore how horrible it is.

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