Joanna (miss_upsetter) wrote,

YAY! Posting from my new laptop!!!!!!!!! Here's an updated of list of whats going on:

     Create storage for office ** in the works....Plaster is hard to work with!)
     Buy comfy chair for office
     Buy rug for office

    Re-organize kitchen cabinet
    Put up magnetic knife holder

    Paint bedroom (Thinking "Acapulco Cliffs")
   **new** Fix peeling paint (moisture has gotten in through window frame and caused paint to peel)
    Reorganize bedroom
    buy new linens (Thinking this Thomas O'Brien Quilt)
    buy new rugs (thinking of CB2's Cirrus)
    buy new curtains

    Upholster bench (Thinking Michael Miller's "Heuvos" in Gray)
    Iron curtains
   ** Finish houndstooth pattern on bathroom door**** WAITING FOR ARRIVAL OF DECALS
    Make new crate for Bella (Inspiration HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!)
    ** new** Create new side table in living room to match bella's crate.
    Create garden in basement
    Buy carpet for rehearsal space in basement
    Make kitty scratch post (in the works)
    Make entry way table
    Fix electricity problem in basement
    Find new light for dining room

So, after reviewing my list, it appears we're making progress. That makes me happy. We've been working our butts off. However, it seems as soon as I cross one thing off, another pops up. I'll be happy to have the office *completely* functional. That will make the rest of the things on the list seem almost leisurely.

Things have been okay. It's been hard to sleep. I've discovered that the boxspring to my bed is broken, therefore creating a dip in the mattress and causing terrible sleep. We're going to put the mattress on the floor for the time being. I did not sleep AT ALL last night.

School is okay. I'm sad cause I got an 81% on my assignment last week. I'm striving for 100%s every week. Still, a B.....but it was due to the fact that I did all my responses (rebuttals) in one day than over a few. That's the only reason why! So, I need to keep discussions going to get a 100%...I'm working on my research paper for the next month. The month after that will basically be a team project which I am SO not looking forward to. I don't really work well with others since I have such high standards...Anyway.....

I can't wait til spring/summer. i'm sick of two feet of snow in my yard at all times. I'm sick of the high gas bill. I'm sad for my dog since she can't run around. I told Aaron tonight the official drink of the summer will be MaiTais. Just you wait. It's going to rule so hard. There's a kiddy pool in our garage that we're going to bring down for Bella and possibly Marley (he loves water). I can't wait to come home from work and chill out outside and grill stuff!!! I have officially stopped taking weather for granted..........Secret: I wear long underwear every day. I have to walk about a quarter mile from my car to our building each way everyday. it gets super cold and windy. Plus, i'm on the 11th floor, so it gets super cold!

I've been super conflicted about my gym membership. I joined Curves in November. Some days when I go, it just seems like a "Cathy" comic strip. "MEN!!!!!!!" "CHILDREN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" "ACK!!!!!". Yeah, cool. Shut up. I just want to work out. Plus, I've been getting guff for wanting to shut off my curvesmart chip. It drags me down and costs me an extra $10 a month. I think I just need to find the right days to go on since some ladies who go there are SUPER annoying. Come spring, I'm going to go to the one in the skyway and then take the light rail home. I need to get rid of this midwest weight gain.

That's about it for now. I'll update soon....hopefully with pictures!

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