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I started my first college course on monday. So far, so good. I'm ahead of the game. Yay! I think my self-discipline and organization skills will get me through this quite easily. OH, and I got a new laptop. It's supposed to be delivered today!

We finished painting the office and it looks AMAZING. It was so much work since previous paint jobs were crap and it took a ton of prep & scraping, but it is AMAZING!!!!!!! It was like a dusty eggplant purple (terrible. not my taste) with outdated dingy off white (more like yellow) trim. It made the room look so small. We chose a 50's aqua mint and painted the trim pure white. Totally new room. All the details will be white, black, or red. It's a really versatile color.

I still haven't taken photos of my new house, but that's mainly due to the fact that we've been so busy doing improvements. I've never put so much blood, sweat, and tears into a property. It's REALLY starting to show, though. I'm kicking myself for not taking before pictures because it's so drastically different. I'm really starting to love the house.

This weekend we're going shopping for more stuff to organize & arrange the office. Once the office is done & functional, we are moving onto the bedroom and the basement.

Bedroom needs to be rearranged badly. I'd like to paint it,'s this terrible shade of blue that I call "polygamy blue". Like this lady on the left:


Since I feel like typing up my home's my list....seriously...

     Create storage for office
     Buy comfy chair for office
     Buy rug for office

    Re-organize kitchen cabinet
    Put up magnetic knife holder
    Possibly create magnetic splash for spices, utensils, etc
    (our kitchen is small!)

    Paint bedroom
    Reorganize bedroom
    buy new linens
    buy new rug
    buy new curtains

    Upholster bench
    Iron thermal curtains
    Finish houndstooth pattern on bathroom door
    Make new crate for Bella (SO looking forward to this!!!!)
    Create garden in basement (in the works)
    Buy carpet for rehearsal space in basement
    Make kitty scratch post (in the works)
    Make entry way table
    Mop Basement
    Fix electricity problem in basement
    Find new light for dining room (requires approval from Landlord, probably won't happen for a while. We have an art deco chandelier in our     dining room that is super long and doesn't create a good atmosphere)

Okay, so that's what i've been up to and will be up to. School, go to the gym, cook, making kombucha, playing with animals, house stuff.
Tags: house stuff, projects
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